OPTISTEP WOODEN LOFT LADDER / HATCH 60x120 cm (1.97"/3.94"ft)


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OPTISTEP WOODEN LOFT LADDER / HATCH 60x120 cm (1.97"/3.94"ft)


  Optistep OLA 3-section Loft Ladder

60/120 / 280 H (cm)

1.97"/3.94" / 9.20 H (ft)

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The Optistep Loft Ladder combines functionality and high durability at a reasonable price. 
Loft Ladder require little‚ swing space for operation. 
When folded, it is „hidden” in the ceiling, freeing space inside the room
Optistep OLA Loft Ladder
60x120 / 280 H (cm)
1.97"x3.94" / 9.20 H (ft) 

* real box dimensions are reduced by 2 cm in width and 2 cm in length in comparison with commercial dimensions

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Ladders come as fully assembled products and do not require any additional pre-installation work.
- white hatch 
- handrail
- slip resistant treads
 - opening rod
Certified EN 14975
Optistep Loft Ladders come with a 3-year warranty.
                        Image Hosted by ImageShack.us                             Hatch  - White Thermo, Insulated „Sandwich” type
                                       Image Hosted by ImageShack.us                          Box - equipped with a sealing strip, which ensures perfect tightness
                                     Image Hosted by ImageShack.us                           Treads  - fitted using dovetail joints for added durability
                                                                - equipped with special grooves preventing slipping 
                                      Image Hosted by ImageShack.us                         Handrail - to aid safe climbing

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Important Notice:
Dear Customer please check at the presence of courier if packaging and contents are correct and undamaged. If during the transport any damages occur or parts are missing you must request and complete Damage Protocol and hand back to courier.


Please note that a phone number MUST be given before we can dispatch any goods with the courier.
If  you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact euro.roofwindows@gmail.com or telephone on 07877726476
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OPTISTEP WOODEN LOFT LADDER / HATCH 60x120 cm (1.97"/3.94"ft) New
    Optistep OLA 3-section Loft Ladder 60/120 / 280 H (cm) 1.97"/3.94..
Ex Tax: £82.49